Scal 7185

Scal 7185 automatic metallographic sample cutting machine is a large automatic cutting machine, using SIEMENS PLC with a very high reliability, strong control ability.

In human-computer interaction using a touch screen.

The control adopts high precision stepper motor, it is suitable for cutting various metal specimens. Metal materials, in order to observe the metallographic, petrographic tissue.

The machine cutting process automation with low noise, simple operation, safe a n d reliable, is one of the important! equipment in modern laboratory production of solid material samples.

Scal 7185 automatic metallographic

Technical parameters

ModelSCAL 7185
Cutting modechop-cutting, push cutting
spindle speed0.01-1 mm/s(adjust 0.01)
Variable spindle speed0-1900r/min
Max movementZ 260mm Y 350mm X260mm
Cut-off wheel508x4x38.1 mm
Cutting room680mmx 1030mm
Cutting capacity(Max)185mm
Cutting motor11kw
Input voltage380V /50HZ
Dimension2005mmx 14 75mmx2200mm