Polishing Discs

Metallographic special sandpaper

6.5" Sandpaper Sheets (36 Grit) for use with the 17" OnFloor® Hardwood  Floor Sanding Machine - Case of 50 Sheets

Preferred abrasives (alumni, Silicon carbide), advanced and strict control of abrasive particle size classification, ensuring excellent grinding efficiency, grinding time shorter, more uniform deformation layer.

Leading plant sad process to make sandpaper with a longer life, more economical and durable.

With excellent water warpage, after water grinding, sandpaper is minimize the degree of curling in the state of natural place, ensuring better smooth surface of samples and abrasive.

Polishing Fabric

Velvet Polishing Cloth, पॉलिशिंग वाला कपड़ा, पॉलिशिंग क्लॉथ, पॉलिशिंग कपड़ा  - Metal Art Graphy, Ghaziabad | ID: 13472545173

The polishing fabric can be divided into two kinds of operations, according to back or non-back glue.Self-adhesive backing polishing fabric (with back glue): with adhesive back, it can be affixed to the disc, transformation plate, magnetic disk, convenient exchange.

Non-adhesive polishing fabric (non-back glue): non-adhesive back, it is used with fixed buckle ring.

Anti-stick grinding polishing disc

12 Inch 60 Grit Adhesive Back Metal Grinding Zirconia Sanding Discs, 5 Pack  | eBay

New products anti-stick grinding polishing disc, easy bonding all kinds of adhesive supplies, repeated use without residue: including disc dia.203,250,300mm

Granularity table

Alumina polishing powderSuitable for non.ferrous metalsW0.5-W10500g/bottle
Chromium oxide polishing powderSuitable for the black metalW0.5-W10500g/bottle
Alumina suspension polishing liquidSuitable for various metallographic materialsW1-W40500mg/bottle
Diamond polishing liquid suspensionSuitable for various metallographic materialsW0.5-W40500mg/bottle
Diamond polishing spraySuitable for various metallographic materialsW0.5-W10350mg/bottle
Waterproof metallographic snadpaperSilicon carbide durable240#-2000#200mm/300mm
MaterialBack glue specificationNon-back glue specificationpackage
Wool felt200mm/250mm250mm/300mm15PCS/BOX