GTQ 5000B

GTQ 50008 cutting machine is suitable for metal , electronic components , crystal , hard alloy ,rock , ore ,
concrete , organic material , biological material ( tooth, bone ) and other materials.
The equipment’s set high precision location and have large speed range.

The cutting ability is strong and meanwhile the machine has strong cooling system. lt can preset feed speed and menu control with LCD. The equipment has closed cutting room with safety switch.

Therefore, it is an ideal equipment for the industrial and mining enterprises and the scientific research institute.

GTQ 5000B cutting machine

Technical parameters

Feed speed 0.01-3 mm/s (adjust 0.01mm
Wheel speed500-5000r/min
Maximum cutting diameter60mm
Cutting disc specification 200 x 1 x 32 mm
Maximum strokeY 200mm
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Dimension 820 x 735 x 435 m m