Scal 7160s

Scal 7160S automatic metallographic sample cutting machine is a large automatic cutting machine, using SIEMENS PLC with a very high reliability, strong control ability,

In human-computer interaction using a touch screen; the control adopts high precision stepper motor;

It is suitable for cutting various metal specimens. Metal materials, in order to observe the metallographic, petrographic tissue.

The machine cutting process automation with low noise, simple operation, safe a n d reliable, is one of the important equipment in modern laboratory production of solid material samples.

Scal 7160S automatic metallographic

Technical parameters

ModelSCAL 7160S
Cutting modechop-cutting, push cutting
Feed wayAutomatic Feed rate,Rapid Pulse
Cutting speed0.03-1mm/s(adjust 0.01)
Variable spindle speed500~2300r/min
Max movementZ 220mm Y 200mm X 240mm
Cutting room1240mm x 780mm
Cutting capacity(Max)160mm
Cutting motor7.5kw
Input voltage380V /50HZ
Cut-off wheel450x3.2x32mm
Dimension1300mm( 1670mm)x1465mx 1900mm