MoPHEX 200/250/300


MoPHEX 200/250/300 grinder polisher is single plate. Suitable for pre grinding, grinding and polishing metallographic specimens. Speed is adjusted by microprocessor. It can run 0 to 600rpm/1000rpm/1400rpm,which favors the machine with wide applications. Machine is equipped with cooling system so as to prevent overheating and damage the metallographic structure. Featuring easy operation and reliable performance, it is an indispensable device for the factories, research institutions and college labs to prepare metallographic specimen.

Technical parameters

ModelMoPHEX200 MoPHEX250 MoPHEX300
Wheel diameter (l)203mm (l)250mm (l)300mm
Rotational speed0-1400r/min 0-1000r/min 0-600r/min
Constant speed150 r/min ,300 r/min,600 r/min, 1000 r/min150 r/min ,300 r/min,600 r/min, 1000 r/min 150 r/min ,300 r/min,450 r/min, 600 r/min
Emergency stop YES YES YES
Rotational direction Clockwise or anticlockwise Clockwise or anticlockwise Clockwise or anticlockwise
Input voltage AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz
Wheel quantity 1PC 1PC 1PC
Input power 0.75KW 0.75KW 0.75KW
Dimension 594mm x795mm x310mm 594mm x795mm x310mm 594mm x795mm x310mm
Net weight 40kg 40kg 40kg