MoPHEX 1000 automatic grinding and polishing machine employs cutting-edge manufacturing technology from around the world.
In accordance with international standards. This machine has the following characteristics, such as stability and dependability.

Performance, simplicity of operation It is an ideal combination of a broad processing range and an automated working process, among other things. Instruments for sample preparation

Main accessories
FY-5 model dripping device
supporting the vertical fixture with special dimension
Diamond disc (alternative 200#-1000#)

Technical parameters

Grinding/polishing disc250mm
Speed of the grinding/polishing disc50-600 r/min infinitely adjustable-speed) or 150r/min and300 r/min
grinding/polishing head rotation speed0-100r/min
Loading range32-200mewtons(N)
Sample preparation time0-9990 seconds(S)
Specimen diameter30mm
Power delivered320W
VoltageAC220V 50Hz
Net weight 45kg