Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine BG-32/30

Abrasive Belt Grinding Machine BG-32/30

BG-30/32 abrasive belt grinding machine is one mew sample preparation equipment carefully designed and manufactured according to international advanced sample preparation methods. The machine adopts the abrasive belt to grind and polish the sample ,The user can replace different abrasive belt according to the users requirement at any time .

BG-32/30 replace grinder, grinder ,grinding and polishing machine, manual grinding .lt only takes one or two minutes to complete the operation. lf the prototype in the spectroscopy analysis room is polished ,we can save time and efforts. save a lot of sand paper. Reduce the cost .ensure quality .improve the work efficiency .This product is widely used in enterprises and institutions, metallurgical machinery enterprise, physical and chemical inspection center, metallographic laboratory, spectral room ,etc. .

Technical parameters

Center distance255mm255mm
Cooling deviceok ok
Sand bel!Width100mm length920mm
Belt number12
Surface speed768m/min 768m/min
The motor power550w 550w
Power supply380v 50hz380v 50hz
Dimension550x570x320mm 620x570x320mm
weight56kg 95kg